Donor Diversion Campaign

In order to alleviate the continual suffering of victims and prevent further abuse, the church has to change. We know that it will often put reputation before truth, and self preservation before justice. We are working to change this – nothing less than wholesale reform, so that the very structures that continue to hide, excuse and perpetrate abuses are dismantled.  

To achieve this, we not only require your help and support, but also another kind of action. You can offer powerful support for this end by joining our ‘Donor Diversion Campaign’.  Many people who are regular members and supporters of their local church are also regular donors.  We invite you to withdraw some or all of your regular giving until the churches embrace change. This is an urgent task.

Using the links on our resource page, you can divert some or all of your regular monthly church giving to charities. You may prefer to donate to charitable organisations that support victims of sexual abuse, those falsely accused, or places that specialise in support and recuperation such as the Sheldon Community. Your regular donation and giving will still enable change for broken lives and bring help and help to many. We do not ask you to withhold your giving for good causes, but instead invite you to divert it away from the church for a season, and until such time as the changes and reforms we all seek have been implemented.

Atonement and those it supports will also benefit from ‘Donor Diversion’ too, although in a very small way by this action.  You can revert to supporting your local church whenever you like. That may be at the time you believe enough has been done by our churches to reform their practices, and move into an era of transparency, truth, accountability, fairness, justice, integrity and humility. But until that time, this may be the moment to divert your giving to charities that work for principles your believe in, and want to see as normal, natural and firmly established in our churches. 

Until then, please join our ‘Donor Diversion Campaign’.  When you do so, please also let your church leaders know you have done so, and that you can revert to giving normally when the necessary changes are in place, and the reforms fully enacted.  By changing the way you give – even for a short season – you make a real difference. Change your giving now, to make future change possible.

(NB: this will be road-tested in selected dioceses before being rolled out nationally)